Do You Desire to have Healthy Blood Vessels? Here's a Helpful Homemade, Medicinal Drink Recipe!




1/2 pint Ginger Juice

1/2 pint Garlic Puree

1/2 pint Lemon Juice

1/2 pint Apple Cider Vinegar

5 Tablespoons of Honey


Mix all the first four ingredients together into a stockpot. 

Place on the stovetop on a moderate heat and allow to heat through on the stove for 30 minutes.

Remove mixture from heat. Allow to cool slightly and then add the honey. Mix through until honey is dissolved and combined with other liquid ingredients.

Bottle as you desire and store in an airtight container.


Consumer one tablespoon of this medicinal drink every morning on an empty stomach.

PLEASE NOTE: Please consult your trusted medical consultant to confirm the ingredients included in this medicinal recipe are suitable for your specific medical history & needs.

Why your DESTINY in Life is NOT in Your Hands.

Reality. It often contains dirty, damp and dark corners. As a homemaker and household occupant, reality as we know it can contain untidy cupboards, copious piles of laundry, sticky piles of crumbs on benchtops and children that just don't want to do their chores.

Facing up to what is really present, really going on for you and your household and therefore what is part and parcel of your real life day to day situation, is the first step to taking back what control you can have over both your current reality and also your future destiny.

Your destiny in life is not going to be in your own hands if you choose to live life ignoring what is obviously present and going on for you right now. Your destiny in life is dependent on determining and working on that which you CAN have control over now. Right now. Today.

Yesterday is a day you have to let go of and release freely into the archives of the universe in order to keep destiny in your own hands. Your destiny can only be in your hands when you live in the present with your mindset fixed openly on the glorious future and not the damp, dark and disorderly past. 

Better decisions, decisions that are great and powerful in their outcome, those decisions that shape and make one's destiny fruitful, positive and abundantly constructive are sown by seeds planted in the present and not in the past. An extraordinary destiny is set in place the day you decide to think upon and act upon that which you do have control over, within the framework of the hours you are given in the very current and present day. An extraordinary destiny actually begins today. TODAY, not tomorrow, not back in yesterday and in the archives of the past. An extraordinary destiny begins TODAY.

A messing workspace sucks. It reflects back to you negative, old energy from a time long past, time contained in yesterday and not today. A messy workspace literally sucks time, energy and often finances away from you in a very unbeneficial manner. Today is the day to take control back and to bring order back, even on your currently messy workdesk or benchtop. To do so is to change for good the current, reworkable storyline and therefore the destiny ahead of you.

Our decisions determine our destiny. What you eat today literally affects your bones and your waistline, which undoubtedly affects your quality of health and potentially your longevity.  We cannot ignore the relationship between the decisions made today and the outcomes obtained tomorrow. 

Natural Law exists and it does kick in, no matter how hard we may try to kid ourselves and live in a fantasy land of rainbows and unicorns, instead of the land of home and work with very real dust bunnies, dirty benchtops and deadlines that we somehow habitually seem to keep missing.

What you focus on daily determines your daily decisions. What daily decisions you make determine your overall destiny. While there is so much in this life that we each have no control over, there are a good measure of things that we do have control over, and a good measure of those things occur within the very confines of the family home and in the often mundane routines and practices of daily life.

Do you make your bed every day? It is a serious but somewhat bizarre question to ask, but here it is again: Do you make your bed every day? 

Do you honour yourself by making your bed and therefore providing yourself with a pleasant place to rest and retire to again at the end of the day? 

The decision to make your bed, to use clean and tidy bedding for that place that you go to literally rest and allow your physical body to recalibrate in via daily routine sleep, speaks a lot about how you value yourself and therefore how you feel about yourself. Regardless of past circumstances, you DO deserve this very day to have a pleasant experience when you retire to lie down on your bed again at the close of this day. 

The state of your bed, the standard of kindness and care you show towards yourself in both how you speak and treat yourself, can reflect where your destiny can head. The state of your bed reflects your values and the standards you show towards yourself. The decision to make your bed is a simple one, yet it can and does often speak volumes about where your values, standards and decision making processes all lie on a daily basis. 

Make the best and greatest decision you can today, to show respect towards yourself, to exhibit a higher level of standards being set than before, and do so by doing such a simply yet effective thing as making your bed. Do it. Make that bed and make it a symbol of today being the day you place your destiny back in the correct and right hands.

When we raise the bar on our values and standards, we are choosing to adjust our decisions. It is our standards, our values that are the underlying foundations for each and every one of our decisions. We have control over our decisions, both big and small, regardless of the decisions others around us make.

Our decisions are our decisions. Our thoughts, our standards, our values, and therefore our decisions, they are all so powerfully interlinked and they aid and equip all that is part and parcel of determining the destiny ahead for each of us.

It can be incredibly challenging to push through when it seems like there are so many external forces endeavouring to be destiny blockers. We experience and often hear others around us claiming more power and more control and we can unwittingly by into the false belief that that is in fact true.

How do we push back or push through these seemingly concrete walls that want to keep us locked in and locked up, instead reaching beyond and out the positive and better destiny desired?

Faith. Nothing but faith can keep reality real and in your face, yet allow constructive seeds for your future better destiny to be still planted this very day.

Faith is choosing to look in the very real face of fear, no matter how big and ugly it feels right now, and still keep putting in place each one of those daily decisions to build, right now, your hoped for and envisaged life destiny ahead in tomorrow.

Reality. It often contains dirty, damp and dark corners, yet today this very day we can, with complete and utter control being in our hands, choose to take one or two steps towards whipping out that cleaning cloth and opening that window shade to let sunshine in, no matter what literal or figurative form they may take.

Your destiny in life................ it IS more in your own hands that you perhaps have yet to fully realise. Make the conscious decision to see and set firmly in place it's presence, within your own hands, TODAY. 

Encouragement Series (PART 2): Intentional & Purposeful Encouragement

Encouragement according to John C Maxwell is oxygen for the soul. Encouragement is indeed soul food particularly in challenging times. It is intentional and purposeful in trying to offer something of greater lightness of being and a source of additional courageous energy, when there may in fact be a current shortage of one or both.

Encouragement is a powerful thing. It is an active and engaging action. It is focused on being productive and positive in it's intention, whether bestowed on oneself or extended to another. 

Encouragement is purposeful, in order to uplift and cheer. Encouragement extends support. It expresses and indicates confidence towards the receiver being able to exercise, in some measure, that which is part and parcel of being their very best selves regardless of actual circumstances. 

Encouragement aims to provide an experience of offering and receiving hope. Encouragement is heartening. It is a source of cheer. 

Encouragement works towards proactively stimulating activity and it aims to offer help towards the renewing of both figurative and literal energy, whilst walking through your current journey as best you possibly can. 

Encouragement at its core endeavours to nurture the keeping of a positive and open belief that there is opportunity available, even when all may seem very bleak and dark currently. 

Encouragement at its primary root is focused on inspiring courage and hope. Encouragement seeks to encourage the pursuit of the purposeful and also the constructive.

Encouragement seeks to seek out that which still offers in some measure a contribution towards maintaining overall healthy and good wellbeing, whilst even in the thick of hard times.

It can take considerable courage and focus to see opportunity in challenging times, and that is very much where encouragement comes into very powerful play.
Courage, encouragement, worth and confidence are things we can soon discover WE in fact need to retain greater personal power over; particularly when things are far from what and where we would wish them to be.
Sometimes the only effective source of encouragement proves to be that forged deep within the marrow of ourselves. We find that we have to choose to be intentional, to be purposeful, in nurturing the very courage needed to hold it together within ourselves, and therefore solely for and by ourselves.
Being intentional, being purposeful, endeavouring to seek and find opportunity, no matter what is occurring, comes about ultimately best from within the realm of one's best and better self.
What we externally have literal influence over sometimes might be very small, yet what occurs internally on the stage of our mind, when it comes to guarding the direction our thoughts take, is totally still always within our influence. 
Encouragement is very much oxygen for the soul, particularly in challenging and difficult times. We must therefore audit regularly the thoughts, words and actions we are embracing and exercising, in relation to ourselves as well as to others, particularly in troubling times. 
We need to offer and practise encouragement intentionally and purposefully, as best we can, from within the best and better part of ourselves, as encouragement is a powerful and enabling source of courage during challenging times.
Encouragement. It has wonderful and endearing intentions, and it is extremely effective when exercised very intentionally and very purposefully. 
Encouragement is a valuable gift we can not only freely choose to give to others, but it is also one we are wise to exercise within and towards our very selves.
Encouragment is oxygen for the soul? Yes indeed it is. Like oxygen, encouragement offers the release of productive energy, the ability to carry on and travel through pain and hardship as best we can, as well receive an opportunity to achieve healing. 
Encouragement is oxygen for the soul? Yes indeed, particularly in challenging and difficult times.