The Journey from Trauma to Triumph

Trauma is a nasty demon. It wants to rob, cripple and even kill. When you think of trauma as something separate from yourself, and as a being also totally beyond yourself, it is a helpful means to place it separate from your own understanding of self.

When I meet people and hear they have personally experienced or are experiencing trauma as part of their life journey, there is a particular biblical verse that I often feel inclined to want to gently share with them.

It is a bible verse I want to share as a gift to them, to hold before them a small measure of faith and hope, when perhaps there may seem to be little of either present in the pit dug for them previously or currently by trauma.

Do we have to put up with someone or something being in our lives and robbing us daily, or somewhat regularly, of peace, joy and our sense of balance and safety?

No, we do not.

We are each absolutely entitled to set in place boundaries to keep us experiencing safety and health, both mentally and physically, economically and living situation wise, as well as spiritually and sexually.

We are each entitled to actively seek out assistance to put us back in a position of safety and health in all areas of our lives.

Being positioned safety and health wise can come in the form of seeking out and finding a new community or new group which is more positive, healthy and safe.

It can come in the form of finding a literal new place or space to spend our time and energy in.

It can come in the form of seeking even legal or medical assistance.

Being robbed of joy, peace and a daily experience of safety and healthy requires active assistance and help, sometimes with the aid of others we are directed to and who warrant our trust.

Every one of us is entitled to have peace, joy and safety present and in place daily, in balanced and very healthy measures.

Do we have to put up with someone or something being in our lives and crippling us via inflicting trauma? No, we do not.

There is a very valid and wise reason behind our human bodies naturally and urgently seeking to kick into Flight and Fight Mode when we are experiencing trauma. We need to listen to our body telling us the truth of what trauma is doing to us, and what it's toxicity is doing to our mind and body.

We need to accept the telltale signs that trauma is activating within us, and accept those signs as being totally part and parcel of how GOD the Creator fully intended our bodies to function for our safekeeping in this life.

We need to accept signs and signals of trauma effecting us, as being that in place to guide us towards what is in fact best and right for ourselves during our earthly life.

We rightfully, both legally and morally, can choose to shift ourselves within our lifetime, to a safer ground or place, away from trauma and its workings, any time we need to.

Listening and being aware of the effects trauma is having on the mind and body helps to protect the very bodily vessel GOD Himself created to house our own individual spirit within.

It is a holy thing to listen to both your body and your mind.

We need to be real and honest with ourselves when everything is indicating the body and mind are being crippled and exposed to the toxicity of trauma.

For the journey from trauma to triumph to begin, we ourselves must choose to take the very first step.

Do we have to put up with someone or something in our lives working away to destroy our health and therefore killing us? No, we do not.

Life is tapu, Life is sacred. The life we each have is a gift from God Himself to us ourselves. The life we each have is a gift also to the wider community and the wider world. We are responsible for it and we solely have guardianship of it, for the entire length of our lifetime.

GOD does not ever intend for us to live subjected in any measure to fear. Trauma is however jolly good at trying to keep us bound and chained by fear. That is not at all of GOD.

GOD is solely ever focused on what is good, right, safe and healthy for each of us individual human beings.

If someone or something is in your life and orchestrating fear, with the result being that you are experiencing trauma, it is time to totally acknowledge it is not of GOD. It IS time to address it with all possible assistance, to help set in place what is safe, healthy and able to protect you now and evermore.

GOD is a source of positive, healthy, balanced power. GOD offers us back strength when it is stolen from us. He offers us restoration and empowerment also.

GOD made each of us, to fulfil a purpose, and with that intentional purpose comes suitable, particular power ordained by Himself.

Trauma loves to remove power.

Trauma loves to tell us we are weak and unworthy.

When we get back the very measure of power GOD intended for us each to have, when journeying away from trauma to triumph, GOD can double or even triple the very power He intends us each to possess going forward!

GOD gives us love. GOD is spirit. In connection with Him we each can impart a measure of love also.

We are loved by GOD no matter what we have been through. WE ARE LOVED.

GOD is soft heartened and merciful towards the brokenhearted. GOD has immense compassion and empathy for the traumatised.

GOD is merciful and He is kind. He does not inflict secondary trauma ever.

GOD is the perfect midwife, gently bringing to be, step by careful, tender step, the new life a trauma victim is to have.

GOD is interested in bringing peace to the mind. He is focused on restoring what is real and true to each of us. Trauma can attempt to rob us of a sense of what is real and true, yet with the aid of GOD's gentle, holy spirit, step by step, we are helped on the road to recovery from trauma to triumph.

A victim of trauma can have the soul and mind soothed, to come back from a heightened sense of having to be in Flight or Fight Mode constantly. It takes such things as time, patience, love, gentleness, kindness, wise assistance and also merciful compassion to enable that to happen. 

GOD heals the mind of the traumatised by bringing wise counsel, by bringing medical assistance, sometimes even legal assistance, as well as the aid of advocacy, to comfort those feeling threatened and beaten over. 

Rational thought, the ability to make good and healthy decisions for ourselves are all what return on the journey from trauma to triumph. These are all part and parcel of what GOD's gentle and kind healing imparts to us, with the aid of the kindness of others, who can empathise and can offer wise assistance. 

Those that are journeying from trauma to triumph in time gain in greater measure, all that is safe and healthy for them. 

They go from a place of vulnerability to sound balanced strength. 

They go from a heightened sense of needing to readily defensively protect, to being able to react and act moderately. 

Going from trauma to triumph takes time, gentleness, kindness, empathy and compassion, as a new life experience is birthed with the aid of the midwifery of those who come with wise gentleness alongside a trauma victim. 

Going from trauma to triumph takes a community. It takes a community of wise and compassionate people to help with the restoration and healing of the broken heart & mind and the wounds and scars requiring addressing.

Being strong, being resilient, being responsible, being intentional are all what comes in greater measure along the path, step by step, on the road from trauma to triumph for a victim of trauma.

Acceptance and self management, with the aid of practising a lot of patience towards oneself, are key to helping make the healing journey from trauma to triumph occur best also. 

GOD the Creator of the Universe, the Creator of each individual human being, is utterly sold out on restoring all that is good, safe and healthy for each of us. 

Forgiveness requires us to be wise stewards always of the very life GOD gave each of us. Forgiveness is not enabling and condoning trauma further ability to rob, cripple or kill ever.  

The best and most effective course for forgiveness is most definitely one that involves us letting GOD set in place that which best deals to trauma most effectively. 

It is right and fitting to guard the very life, the very earthly, bodily vessel and the very spirit and breath of life we each personally have.

The journey, from trauma to triumph, it is very much one GOD Himself is willing to accompany us each on. The journey from trauma to triumph, it takes a long time, sometimes an entire lifetime, but it is an incredibly magnificent and good one. 

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