My Backyard: November Garden Activities and the Moon Calendar

Over Labour Weekend, and in the week following, we enjoyed time in the garden.

It has been so lovely to see fruit beginning to form on the fruit trees, as well as further growth in various garden beds.

Over the last few days particularly, we have been busy cultivating, mulching, transplanting and have had a productive time in both the front and backyards.

The Electric Mulcher has been whizzing away, dealing to copious amounts of gardening material. In fact the whole family has been involved at times with something of a team effort to weed, sort and process garden materials through the Mulcher for it all to then be put back on to various garden beds.

It is already showing signs that is may well be another very dry summer, so we are feeling more hopeful about potential future harvests being somewhat more drought-proof than those we aimed for last summer.

Over Labour Weekend we made a huge effort to harvest all the Broad Beans we could. All the leftover stalks were mulched as mentioned, and the beans themselves were prepared and eventually packed into the freezer.

I have been reading online and there seems to be numerous ways the broad beans (lava beans) can be used, including to make flour. Perhaps in the future we may well have a flour mill and be able to explore that possibility.

As you can see in the photograph below, there were a lot harvested!

Having cleared a couple of garden beds, we planted out the tomato seedlings we had. We are keen to set up several garden beds with a variety of tomatoes, as we often require them when cooking.

As well as the new Electric Mulcher, we are making the most of a new-to-us compost bin that my parents-in-law passed on to us.

I am endeavouring to remember to add a mix of compostable materials into it. As the weather heats up, hopefully we will have more and more home prepared compost for the garden.

According to the current Moon Calendar, from now until Wednesday 6 November, it is a good time to continue to cultivate your soil.

I have been adding in to each dug planting hole some compost, some comfrey leaves and in some instances Blood & Bone also, in order to add something back to the soil. I am hoping that this will provide a boost to each seedling, as it takes up residence in its newly allocated spot in the garden.

From Thursday 7 November through to Friday 15 November is a great time to sow and plant out all above ground crops.

I hope to make the most of this somewhat lengthy planting time, as there are still numerous summer crops I am very keen to set about establishing around the garden.

All the best with your own garden planning over the next little while. It certainly is proving to be an ideal time for focusing on activities outdoors. Enjoy.

Leave a comment below sharing where you are based in the world and tell us about the current outdoor project you have been working on lately. 
Are you in the Northern Hemisphere and getting ready to buckle down for winter? 
Or are you in the Southern Hemisphere and currently planting out copious amounts of crops also? 
We look forward to hearing where you are from and reading your comments!


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