My Backyard: Garden Beauty

Over the past weekend, I enjoyed time away visiting family. It was so wonderful to have some time for respite and re-charging in another context.

We have had something of a cycle of illness through our own household over the last six weeks approximately. So with that, plus due to experiencing the effects of a fair amount of busyness lately, I just needed some time away, and time-out, in a different environment and setting.

Where I stayed, had the most stunning small garden. It was truly an oasis.

Here are a few photographs I took, to try and capture visually something of the beauty and the experience had.

Through out the garden there were very well thought out groupings.

There were stunning clusters of plants placed together with careful consideration made about colour, texture, height and visual impact.

It was truly a garden that feed the soul due to its visual beauty.

For me, it was just such a delightful experience to have some days away in this setting, to re-group, have time to rest, relax and re-charge.

The entrance to the property was just so inviting. From the moment I walked through the gate, I experienced a sense of rest come to greet me. It is amazing how the experience of a garden can replenish us.

This photograph does not do justice to the array of climbing roses found here on this wooden frame-way. In reality, it was just so beautiful.

I so wanted to try and capture something of it's beauty, in a photograph, to look back later and remember how stunning it was. It was truly very pretty.

Like in the above photograph, most days, the sky appeared just so blue and clear. There was a small spattering of rain one afternoon, but otherwise, the weather itself was just so lovely also!

Part of the reason for travelling south to visit this household was to simply have time-out. However, it was also due to the hostess offering some plants no longer required in her garden to me.

She was particularly keen to remove a grouping of box hedging, plus copious amounts of mondo grass, from an area in her garden that she wanted to plant out differently.

Of course, I was delighted to come and help remove these various gifts for my own garden, and receive them to transplant them to a new home in my own garden. Her offer was much appreciated and very generous.

Here is a photograph showing the back of the car once everything had been put in it.

So as you can well imagine, I have been enjoying being busy re-planting here at home, in both the front yard and backyard, after my travels south!

Up to and including today, it is a good time for sowing and planting according to the Moon Calendar.

Hence, I have been transplanting the various plants brought back with me from my time away down south, plus I have been busy sowing seed.

To date, I have sown both sweet corn and borlotti beans. By the end of today, I plan to sow various other above ground producing crops also.

Making newspaper seedling pots is a great way to use and re-purpose what you have available. Plus, it means when it comes time to plant the actual resulting seedlings out, there is no major disturbance to the seedlings' fragile root and stem systems.

I highly recommend trying this out, as a means of creating plant pots for sowing, and therefore growing, your own plants from seed.

Have fun in your garden this week.

The current weather is certainly conducive in our locality to having time in the garden again. May it also be so, where you are.

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