My Backyard: Mulching Progress

Today further progress has been made in the backyard garden, in the main orchard area. This terraced region of the garden is now just about completely finished off, with all the new mulch scattered and laid out.

We will eventually put the concrete pavers out again to make something of a pathway, once they have had a waterblast to spruce them up. It would be quite nice to put some type of garden seating here also, we will have to see what might be a do-able option.

Here you can see further around in this area of the garden. We have put down a thick layer of cardboard, which was then hosed down, and then applied a thick layer of the wood chip mulch over the top.

You can just see in the foreground one of the lemon trees. There is an abundance of fruit on these trees! We really do highly recommend using the Back to Eden Gardening method, it certainly has proven to be effective in our garden!

Here is a view of this area again, looking back towards the feijoa trees. Mulching the ground thickly will really help the garden through the coming summer months, because we typically experience drought conditions.

The grapefruit tree is covered in fruit blossom, so we may well have our first harvest this year from this tree. The leaves are looking quite yellow, so I plan to give it a dose of Epsom Salts.

We are excited about the prospect of having an abundant harvest of peaches this year. Look at all these baby fruit forming!

The mandarin tree is also covered in blossom. The perfume from the blossom as you walk past, is just so beautiful. We are looking forward to having fruit from this tree also.

The mountain of mulch on the drive is steadily getting smaller and smaller. With two wheelbarrows and a garden trolley busily being loaded and then used to cart it to the backyard, it should all be relocated fairly soon.

It is so lovely taking time out in the garden, and to see the change in the seasons being played out, as well as seeing the progress being made on the spring gardening front. Progress is wonderful!

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