My Backyard: A Bonus Harvest

With bright sun out this morning, it seemed a great opportunity to do a tidy up session in what was previously one of our largest potato beds.

The children and I enjoyed pulling up weeds and the last of the potato plants, as we hunted around for the treasure we were hoping to possibly find - hopefully some additional potatoes!

This particular garden bed provided our household with a significant crop of potatoes last summer. Having left whatever may have been present, to just grow through the past winter months, it was a great added bonus today to discover in fact that, yes! There were indeed additional potatoes tucked away, hidden in amongst the undergrowth at the foot of the grapevine!

This is what we have harvested so far. We have yet to do a final sort, but there have been some lovely surprises found during this morning's tidy up and treasure finding session. Look how big some of them have actually grown!

Mashed...roasted... We will really enjoy these extra bonus potatoes we have found today!

The weather has started to turn, and it looks like the rain is about to set in again for another round of spring wet weather.

Still, we have enjoyed the brief time had out in the warm sun, and being able to be treasure finders also.

Homegrown potatoes. Delicious!

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