Homeschooling: Book Haul

This is a lovely haul of books purchased at some charity shops this past week. There is nothing like finding a reasonably priced book, in fabulous pre-loved condition.

We love books in our household. This haul of books, will keep the keen readers in our family happily reading for some time.

A great bargain is always a great blessing.

Finding treasures like these when out op-shopping, makes the time taken to hunt through for sought after titles and authors very worthwhile.

Yes, it can and does take time to look through that which is on offer in any given charity shop. It does take time to check what the overall condition of each book is like also (books that have clearly been water damaged and started to deteriorate need to be passed over). Yet, when you find a book that will help complete a series that is keenly being read, or will help with a schooling project, it really makes the time spent hunting very worthwhile.

If you would like to know more about how I am building our homeschool library collection, leave a comment and share any questions you may have also.

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