Project: Kitchen The Food Pantry Reveal # Part One

Over the last few months, around the usual activities and routines, I have been gradually overhauling the kitchen. This overhaul I have referred to via this blog as Project: Kitchen.

The previous post in this series, about overhauling our kitchen area, shared what had been done in the area under the kitchen sink.

The overhaul in this area has continued to work well for everyone.

The next major area in the kitchen I have worked on is the Food Pantry.

In our home, we are fortunate enough to have two pantry cupboards in the Kitchen Area. One of which is used for food storage, the other for storing crockery and glassware.

Working on re-organizing the Food Pantry has taken some considerable time. This is due to the fact that it has had to be done around the usual everyday routines and activities, and as time and energy has allowed me to work on it.

Not only has it involved checking, sorting and if necessary purging the pantry contents, it has involved determining whether the actual way particular items are stored within the pantry is working well, particularly in terms of accessibility.

Both my husband and I use the kitchen to cook and bake. He takes responsibility most evenings and weekends for putting dinner together, and I am truly blessed by having him do that.

We both will do bulk cooking as the need arises, plus take turns at doing actual baking, so the kitchen area and how it functions has to work well for both of us.

One of the first things I have overhauled in the Food Pantry was how I store and keep herbs and spices. In the above photograph you can see the glass containers I use for storing these particular food stuffs.

I recently overhauled the labels for these. I have labelled both the actual container and the lid with these laminated labels.

My friend Jen Morris supplied me with some label templates that she had put together for me (thanks again Jen!). I have modified and adjusted them, using the online photo editing tool pic monkey as I have needed to, for various labelling tasks.

The actual containers for herbs and spices I decided to store on the inside of one of the Food Pantry doors.

Over several weeks I purchased these wire storage racks, which you can see in the below photograph, from a local store which specialises in storage items.

The glass spice and herb containers will be stored in these, which will make them very accessible.

The wire racks are just the right dimensions for the glass spice containers to be housed in them, without too much overhang in to the actual space within the pantry.

It did require a bit of work to measure and determine the placement of each of the storage racks. It was important to ensure they would not collide with the actual shelving in the pantry, or the pantry contents, when the door is closed!

It definitely pays to take your time to double check things line up before drilling holes and mounting things like these racks permanently!

Here is a photograph showing an example of how the actual labelled containers look in the racks.

On the other pantry door I have hung another set of wire storage racks, which are much larger.

Like the wire storage rack I used in the Under the Kitchen Sink area, I have mounted these racks so they can be easily lifted and the surface behind them cleaned as and when required.

Here is one of the racks with pantry contents, to give you an idea of how they are intended to be used.

I have also been busy making labels for the Sistema containers that are housed on shelves within the pantry to store dry goods.

Here are some examples of both the large and small containers that have been already labelled with their new labels.

So that gives you an idea of what has been achieved to date with the Food Pantry overhaul and re-organization that I have been working on, as time and energy have allowed.

I will continue to post what else is being done, as it gets completed. Plus, I will post a final overall Food Pantry Reveal once it is all put together in it's completed form.

It does take a while to do these types of projects. Not only time and energy factor into the equation, but also being able to find the various storage components or in some cases having to create and make them yourself.

Still, in the end it is worth taking the time to do such an overhaul, as it has certainly has helped make things easier to locate, plus easier to access.

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