Verbal Insults.... What are their purpose & how can you respond?

 What is the purpose of verbal insults???

The purpose of bullying via personal insults is to undermine the strength of a messenger as they bear their message.
When we learn to each recognise that very intention behind verbal insults, it is the key to successfully retaining one's ability to deliver what we are purposed to deliver in our respective lifetime.
YOU have a message to deliver. YOU have a purpose to carry out. YOU are here on Planet Earth for a reason.... and YOU are therefore a messenger with a very unique and special message.
If someone verbally insults you, rather than buy into their intention to cripple you by hitting a potential soft spot they perceive or want to place deep within you, recognise the verbal insult for what it is:
You ARE totally on the right course, you ARE totally delivering your message, you ARE totally carrying out your life purpose, you ARE totally fulfilling the purpose behind your existence.
What happens next then, when you recognise you are being attacked with verbal, and very personal insults?
Well, you breathe deep and then fully breathe out and exhale any possible toxicity the insult may trigger within you at a biological level and THEN, you just need to keep going from strength to strength to strength!
A verbal insult IS actually A COMPLIMENT.... it means the bearer of the insult actually acknowledges you ARE totally on the good path you are to be on and YOU have a lot of amazing power!

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