Relocating & Getting Settled...... during a Nationwide Lockdown!

Relocating to a new property and taking onboard a completely new lifestyle during 2020, with the Nationwide Lockdown in progress throughout New Zealand, created additional significant challenges for our household.

Over at the Household Logistics Youtube Channel I have posted the first in a series of videos titled "Getting Settled." In this series of videos, highlights from the first days of getting settled at our new country home during May 2020 are all shared.

Rather than unpacking furniture we were scrambling around to assemble air beds and find adequate winter bedding. Rather than organising a full kitchen, we were making the most of the few utensils and pots that we had on hand after our experience of Lockdown Life living in a caravan and tent.

Creating order, setting up house and getting used to a new location are all normal components of transitioning from one home to another. Endeavouring to do it during a worldwide pandemic? Getting settled..... in all honesty, it took a little more conscious practical & mental effort I found as a homemaker, wife and mama.

I hope this series of videos will not only be interesting but perhaps also informative.

It was an unprecedented event experiencing a Nationwide Lockdown in our own lifetimes. To have our property settlement frozen in was both shocking and unsettling.

Our plans were sadly changed and stretched out, due to the nature of the necessary Nationwide Lockdown all happening so quickly.

Getting settled when our ability to continue to move forward was interrupted and there was suddenly a lot of questions regarding when our household goods would also arrive.....

To have only so many days left before final inspection and relocating, and then to find it all halted and frozen due to nationwide rulings....... it was emotionally and mentally challenging.

It is my hope that by sharing some of our own household's experience we can provide insight for others.

It is my hope that by sharing some of our household's experience that it helps those going through a similar unprecedented disappointment, due to unforseen circumstances coming to play.

It is my hope that by sharing, those onlooking & seeing others caught up in such an experience have more understanding and compassion.

Relocating & getting settled? You can check out the first video sharing our experience by following the link here.

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