Grocery Shopping Highlights? What are they?

Grocery shopping, it is one of those ongoing, repetitive and often very mundane components of running a household. Can there possibly be any highlights along the way, whilst carrying out a regular grocery shopping excursion?

I am hoping this year to make better decisions when I myself am out engaging in trolley pushing amongst the numerous aisles. During 2021, I thought I would also aim to share regularly about various products I come across, and profile them over at the Household Logistics Channel as well as here on this very blog.

Why bother sharing a grocery shopping highlight list, you may ask?

It can be quite a juggling endeavour to work within a set grocery budget, so I personally value getting feedback from others.

We can sometimes pickup clever menu ideas, as well as hear about sound purchasing options from others who share about their purchasing choices. Hence the reason, I thought it might prove to be helpful (perhaps even somewhat informative) to share why I am choosing particular products and product brands for my own specific household.

Who knows, something shared on this very blog, or over on the Household Logistics Youtube Channel, might prove to be just that perfect, beneficial product choice and a breakthrough budgeting point for some other busy, juggling mama & homemaker, right 😉?

Does this product look to be user friendly when it comes to specific dietary needs for members of my family?

Is it cost effective and budget-friendly when weighed up against both quality and quantity?

There are numerous factors that come into play when out grocery shopping. I personally hope over the coming year to get a better understanding of particular products and why they should be potentially on my regular go-to grocery shopping list.

Grocery shopping is one of those activities we homemakers often carry out regularly and let's face it, it can be quite time consuming trying to not only shop but make product decisions at the very same time.

I hope by sharing in detail about some of the products I obtain whilst out carrying out my own grocery shopping excursions, that the profiling will prove to be handy also for some other busy, conscious of working within a budget, trolley pushing kiwi homemaker (perhaps it might prove to be you, Dear Blog Reader!).

Today over at the Household Logistics Youtube Channel I am sharing the very first episode, which I hope will be both interesting & informative.

I will be sharing similar videos throughout the coming year, so you are of course as always most welcome to subscribe to the channel (go press that notification bell, Peeps!). The wonderful thing about actually subscribing is that you will receive personal notification when each new video is posted..... that is a beneficial time saver also!

So without any further ado, here is the link to the first Grocery Shopping Highlights video, just click here and the link will take you straight over to the channel.

I am looking forward to sharing similar videos soon, so it's great to get this very first episode up and now publicly posted!

Please, feel free to leave a comment over at the channel as to whether you have found any one particular profiled product also a great one to add to your shopping cart.

Feel free to share why you absolutely love that product also. It will be great if we all learn from each other!

Until next time, Happy Homemaking, Everyone!

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