New House Tour!

Happy New Year! 2020 was the year that many of us were very delighted to say goodbye to. 2020 was a year that had great change contained in it, both at a worldwide level, and for a good number of folk at a much more personal level also.

For my own household, 2020 was the year that we had a complete lifestyle change, as we sold and bought property and relocated to embrace a simpler, more sustainable, and more self reliant lifestyle in a rural setting. Yes, we have become country folk, and what are complete change of lifestyle it is! 

We are now learning firsthand all about what it is to have a septic tank sewerage system, how to grow a good majority of our own food and how to care for and farm sheep. We are having to learn all about embracing a good number of other unique lifestyle aspects that come on board, when you decide to stop living life in an urban setting and embrace life out in the country!

During 2021 I intend to share about how we are going, both the ups and downs, as we adapt to what is clearly a new way of life. The past 8 months have definitely been a bit of a rollercoaster ride at times, and there have certainly been some challenges (dealing unexpectedly with a failed septic soak system only 10 days after we moved in was most certainly one of the most significant and perhaps infamous of them!).

Today, I have posted over at the Household Logistics Youtube Channel a video sharing a tour of the new house, feel free to check it out. The footage for the video was predominately filmed on the first day we had at our new property and you will clearly see that we are very much in camping mode. 

With the Lockdown levels still dictating how and when our relocation was to actually occur, we had very little with us, yet we were all just so delighted to finally be onsite at our new home! 

Buying & selling, and relocating during a worldwide pandemic certainly makes the various components involved a whole lot more complicated! It was an unprecedented time in world history and the pandemic affected so many of us in a diverse range of ways.............. and for a number of us buying and selling property, it proved to be, on a number of levels, a complicated and very stressful time. Finding ourselves homeless and incomeless as a household was not a great experience by any accounts! It was a testing time and I think I can say that we are all honestly glad to have that chapter well and truly behind us. 

2021 is a new year and a new chapter and I am personally very grateful for it finally arriving. I am looking forward to sharing more of how we are going adapting to living out in the country with you all, via this blog and also the Household Logistics Youtube Channel and via Instagram. May we all have a great year, with good health and great memories at the forefront of what comes our own way. 

Please check out this latest video over at the channel and consider subscribing so you will get notification about all the other videos coming out soon. Happy New Year to you all and Happy Homemaking, Everyone!


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