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 Hello Friends!

I am currently working on the first of a series of videos over at The Household Logistics Youtube Channel highlighting diy makeover and organising projects (specifically those deemed homemaking!) at our new property here in the beautiful Ruapehu District of Aotearoa New Zealand.
There is nothing like creating a home out of a new-to-you house & garden............ and it is going to be so lovely to get back into sharing mode again via the Household Logistics Facebook Page, plus the Household Logistics Blog and Household Logistics Youtube Channel!
I am excited to share with you all soon the first video that will no doubt be part of something of a series about making over our small yet adequate kitchen..... the kitchen is very dated, rather small & making it over is going to have most definitely a number of challenges particularly on the available storage front!
It can be extremely challenging to do a diy kitchen makeover project when you have a very limited budget and also have to 'make-do' with a good measure of what already exists.... however, I am up for the challenge & sincerely hope by sharing the various stages of my own kitchen makeover project that it will encourage others also.
It can be very challenging to cast aside those wonderful Pinterest ideals and work with what is real and tangible, can't it.............yet, with a bit of creativity, innovation and a tin of paint (or three!) I am convinced one can still create something delightfully fresh, organised and of course appealing on the kitchen makeover front! We will certainly see firsthand what can be achieved in the months ahead, for sure!
I hope to have the first video from the new house specifically created for The Household Logistics Youtube Channel ready to share with you all early next week.... there's still a bit of editing to do for it to be viewer ready. It is going to be SO lovely to get back into video sharing mode with you all on this specific youtube channel.......Wish me well, Dear Friends!
In the meantime.... Happy Homemaking!
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Kayla Bhana

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