Organisation 101: The Role of Listmaking

Are you a To-do Lister or a Ta-Da Lister? Do you write lists of household chores and keep an ongoing list of what needs to be done, both in and around the home, as a homemaker and household administrator? 

Do you have lists for home, for work, for school and perhaps also community, club or church projects you are involved with?

Do you have additional lists with dreams, visions and plans that you are hoping to implement in other areas of your life? 

Do you engage in listmaking to try and keep yourself on track, accountable, and highly engaged in achieving all the numerous goals you have set for yourself? 

The role of listmaking. It is an interesting subject to engage with in this first series of videos I am aiming to share throughout 2021.

Are those lists truly working for you, or are they proving to be a source of continual pressure and actual anxiety? 

Are you feeling continually bogged down by what is not achieved, as your lists simply keep being added to, time and time again.

Are you quietly struggling with a sense of stress and tension, because the reality is that perhaps your progress stalls, or progress in fact is being not made as much as you initially hoped?

Are those very lists acting as reminders of incompetence or even failure, rather than acting as launch pads for engagement and action?

It is totally out of my comfort zone being in FRONT of the camera...... however the first video, beginning January 2021, that is ALL about household logistics and organisation is now posted over at the Household Logistics Youtube Channel, and this very first video is all about the role of listmaking.

"Organisation 101: The Role of Listmaking," the Household Logistics Whisperer version!
It's a chatty..... it's real..... and I hope you will be encouraged to hear my honest thoughts around endeavouring to be that tad more efficiently organised this coming year in this very first upfront and on camera video that I have put together.
"To-Do Lists" are discussed in this first video, as well as what might prove to be my personal go to alternative approach to listmaking in 2021.
Are you a To-Do Lister, a Ta-Da Lister, or do you practise another effective time & project organising approach? Let's share thoughts about what can prove to be most effective in the comments over at the channel and here also at the Household Logistics Blog.
Thank you for all your support & encouragement...... it means a lot, Dear Reader.
Happy homemaking (and organising), Everyone!

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