The $1,000 Plan: Day Twenty-Nine

It's Day Twenty-Nine of The $1,000 Plan and tomorrow we will finally be at Day 30. It has been a busy 30 days, and tomorrow I will share where we are at with regard to achieving our $1,000 savings goal.

Is it possible to save $1,000 within a 4 - 6 weeks timeframe?

Is it achievable to meet such a goal when you are a single income family?

With hindsight, what would we choose to do differently?

Are there things that worked particularly well, or proved to be quite difficult or challenging?

What were there advantages and disadvantages that stood out during this time?

What were the hardest/easiest changes to make as a household, in order to try and help ourselves achieve the potential financial breakthrough goal we set?

Watch out for tomorrow's blogpost for the details, on how the last 30 days of The $1,000 have panned out.

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