The $1,000 Plan: Day Thirty-Seven

It is Day Thirty-Seven of The $1,000 Plan and today was a day of making bulk lots of soup and pasta sauce. Having cleared the chest freezer, it was apparent that we could make a lot of delicious and heart-warming soup and sauces for the coming weeks, with what we had tucked away and onhand.

While the children were horse-riding I went into town to do errands, and I also looked at what options I could potentially explore for setting up a better storage system within the chest freezer also. The Warehouse had quite a good range of freezer-to-oven options of glass storageware.

Having received some birthday money, I thought it might be a worthwhile investment to purchase and try some of them out, over the next little while, and see if we find it works well to have a dual purpose type of food container for bulk cooked ready-to-cook meals. I personally like the idea of having less containers to wash up and clear, if a container can be used both in the freezer and in the oven. We shall therefore see how it goes.

In the meantime, around our usual day to day activities this week, there is most certainly a huge cook up happening, and I am sincerely hoping this will lighten the load for a while when it comes to thinking through what to cook each day for our main meal.

I found a lot of fruit in amongst the freezer contents also, so I am thinking such things as fruit crumble, perhaps some fruit pies, might be on the cooking agenda this week also. We shall see how time and energy allows for this to happen.

In the meantime, what soup was had today by everyone was enjoyed, and the country vegetable soup that was busy still cooking, yet sampled by a few keen taste-testers, was deemed most yummy also. The freezer makeover is most definitely already making a difference for the $1,000 Plan.

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