The $1,000 Plan: Day Thirty-Six

It's Day Thirty-Six of The $1,000 Plan and today I took up starting the challenge I set myself of sorting out the chest freezer. Alongside our usual homeschool and home life routine for a Monday, I removed everything from the freezer and went about defrosting the freezer to give it a bit of a clean-out.

There was a lot of ice build up within the freezer, so the children offered to help me and they seemed quite delighted to muck in, declaring it rather like shuffling around shovelling a bit of icy snow! Between us, we managed to eventually get it completely cleared and ready for items to be placed back in it. Going forward, I am sure the freezer will work so much more efficiently now it is cleared of it's extra icy parcels, found previously here and there.

I was amazed at just how much we had been storing away in the freezer. As I worked my way through looking through everything, sadly there was quite a bit that had to simply go out to the compost.

We had little meat left in the chest freezer after the past month of 'shopping' it first & foremost for meals, so what was now left and found was mainly garden produce that had been blanched and frozen previously. Still, there was quite a bit that could be saved and I am looking to see how best to make the most of what was located during this big sort and clearout.

I need to still determine a good system of overall organization for this particular freezer. It would be wise to keep a more thorough record of the actual 'best before' dates of every item, and to somehow have a large onhand chartable system that we can refer to, in order to keep a much better system of rotation in place. This will be something I will most definitely need to put greater thought into in the next few days.

There is quite a bit of a revamp and makeover needed to get the freezer in much better shape going forward, however I really think it will be time well worth investing. Slowly, but surely I am sure each of these changes we are implementing will have substantial financial benefits. The $1,000 Plan is being worked out, step by step, in some very productive and practical ways.

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