The $1,000 Plan: Day Thirty-Five

It is Day Thirty-Five of The $1,000 Plan and we celebrated a couple of birthdays within our household over the weekend. Celebrating such momentous occasions as birthdays can still be done in a way that creates lovely memories, even when you are on a limited budget. As a household, we made the best of what we had, to ensure that it was still indeed somewhat special for those whose birthdays occurred this past weekend.

A lovely card, a gift of handpicked flowers, a yummy surprise afternoon tea arriving with afternoon visitors, a block of favourite chocolate..... these were just some of the things that helped make celebrating these current birthdays special.

Creativity and innovation can help make a celebration special, no matter what your budget is. People can still come away with special memories, when things are kept simple and the focus is on memory-making.

We all enjoyed the simple, quiet celebrations that occurred over the weekend, and it all worked well towards helping us work steadily and quietly away towards our savings goal of The $1,000 Plan also. Saving and celebrating can walk well together, hand in hand, when there are seasons in life that call for it.

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