The $1,000 Plan: Day Thirty-Four

It is Day Thirty-four of The $1,000 Plan and the nightly routine of getting muffins out from the deep freezer has been working well. I think I need to do a big sort out of the chest freezer really soon, and determine for sure what IS still currently stored in it.

It has been quite some time since anyone had a sort through both the chest freezer, as well as the fridge freezer, in our household. With the saving goal of The $1,000 Plan, it would be really advantageous for this to be done. With the freezer contents better sorted asap, the 'shopping' of both freezers will be done even more efficiently.

I am hoping I will not discover there is actually a lot of food wastage, particularly in the deeper part of the chest freezer, as this area, under the top storage baskets has been unexplored territory in some ways for quite a while.

It is to be hoped that a good proportion of the freezer contents, deeper down in this particular freezer, will still be okay.

I really do need to come up with a more efficient method of record keeping for the contents of both freezers, particularly when it comes use-by-dates, etc. Now, is most definitely the point in time to see to it that it happens.

There really is no point keeping items in a freezer, and then finding out that there was unnecessary food spoilage, simply because items are hidden behind and deep under other items, and unfortunately it has since become forgotten about, and has sadly past its food safe time limit.

I think in the next week I will set myself the goal of doing a bit of an audit and sort out in the actual deep chest freezer, as well as in the smaller freezer under the fridge in the kitchen, if time allows for me to achieve doing both. At least if I do one of them, it will be a good step forward.

Being able to shop the pantry and freezer really is advantageous, when you are trying to work with a limited food budget.

It does make perfectly good and logical sense to have great systems in place, in order to keep tabs on what is in a freezer and available for use.

There are some good examples online, on such things as Pinterest, as to how others have approached organizing their freezers, so I need to do a little more research and then most definitely make a plan to come up with a system that will meet my own households needs that bit more efficiently.

As I continue to endeavour to be more efficient time-wise, energy-wise and money-wise when it comes to menu planning and food preparation, having a better system of organization and management for frozen goods can only be a good thing going forward, for sure!

Who knows! I might just find there is more than a week's worth of delicious, yummy meals already right here at my finger tips, just waiting to be defrosted. This week's goal is looking to be a potentially really good one.

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