The $1,000 Plan: Day Thirty-Three

It is Day Thirty-Three of The $1,000 Plan. Today was a day in which I was reminded how incredibly valuable community is. When you have people that you connect with, and whose interaction with you is one of encouragement, support, and good old fashioned fellowship, it really makes life so rich and blessed.

Part of the day was spent out visiting with a friend. It was so lovely to get together once again, to share, to connect, and engage in that most beautiful of exchanges that happens between good friends.

When you are comfortable with each other, when there is acceptance, when there is understanding always so evident, it makes life so rich.

When time and experience has taught you that this person before you is one able to be trusted, that their loyalty is open handedly offered to you,  it really is a precious jewel worthy of great gratitude.

Fellowship. It is perhaps in the eyes of some an old fashioned word, but for me I think it captures so well the benefit, of being connected with someone in a moment in time and space.

A simple cold drink can be offered and somehow it tastes so much more refreshing, because the one offering it to you offers it with lots of kindness and care attached.

There is something about being able to share a dream, a hope, a goal with a trusted friend and know that out of love and care for you, they hear you out, and they unconditionally express a sincere and genuine desire to see you succeed, simply because they accept you and value you for being you.

It was a rich day today. It was one that contained time with a good friend and somehow lightness of soul and perseverance blossomed again. Kindness watered parched areas of a soul that had been touched a little of late by discouragement. It was a refreshing day. True friendship is indeed one of life's most precious treasures.

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