The $1,000 Plan: Day Thirty-Eight

It's Day Thirty-Eight of The $1,000 Plan and I spent time cooking up several items to go into the freezer. I am pleased with the resulting outcome and it will certainly be nice to have things ready onhand in the freezer, that can simply be defrosted and then put straight into the oven (minus the plastic lid).

I plan to do further bulk cooking tomorrow, if time allows and hopefully then we will have a good stock of items onhand for the weeks ahead. It is so much nicer to be able to take a prepared meal out from the freezer the night before, and not have to do all the preparations from scratch each and every time.

There are some days when it is just so busy, and when the day proves to be also tiring, having a prepared freezer meal helps to lessen the load. I have also grocery shopped this evening, so I am hoping that alongside the soups and fruit crumbles I prepared today, I will also be able to put together several bulk pasta and rice dishes. These will all be good to have sorted out and ready onhand as well, and it will add a bit more of a selection into the mix also.

Our grocery bills have lessened over the past month, and I am a lot more conscious of where the grocery budget has been going. Menu planning really is advantageous on so many levels I am finding. I am planning to fine tune it even a little more over the coming weeks, and then I am aiming to recruit another household member (one at a time) to come onboard and learn how to do a bulk menu plan for a month also.

Until then however, I am personally being kept quite busy. Some days, (like yesterday and today, when there is a bit of a 'soup-fest' occurring at the stovetop alongside homeschooling the children), are proving to feel quite like longer and more tiring days at present. Yet, they are also days where there is an extra sense of accomplishment occurring because they are so productive on the food planning and budgeting front.

Rome was most certainly not built in a day, and each step IS proving to be very conducive to positive change. Step by step, day by day, the good habits needed to achieve The $1,000 Plan's hoped for outcome are all gradually being literally worked out. Yay! Yippee! Yay!

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