The $1,000 Plan: Day Thirty-Nine

It is Day Thirty-Nine of The $1,000 Plan and today was another day of working on menu preparations around our usual day to day routines and homeschooling. We were able to bake a bulk batch of cheese scones, plus a big pot of pasta during the day, and by late evening it was all put away in the chest freezer ready to use whenever required.

My young son was keen to have a go at helping make the cheese scones, so it was a good life skill learning experience for him. It was lovely to see him quickly grasp the various aspects of prepping the scones and he soon took over putting each tray in the oven and following through the process to see the finally products laid out on cooling racks, ready to be later bagged for the freezer.

I appreciated the time we worked on this together, and it was also wonderful to walk away later knowing that on a number of levels today's baking session had been a really great success. Not only was there more food preparation achieved, there had been some good and valuable life skills imparted to a keen young baker also.

We also spent some time in the afternoon visiting friends. I enjoyed catching up with my friend while our children all played together, and it was interesting being able to reflect a little with her about how things have gone while working towards The $1,000 Plan.

Mindset really is crucial when it comes to working towards any and all goals. We view and experience life and the world, from the point of view that the most prevalent mindset we hold determines.

It is sometimes a lot of sheer hard work, and very determined will power, that propels us to keep going when others around us may be projecting a lot of negativity. Mindset really is everything, and it determines an awful lot, both day to day, as well as long term. May the breakthroughs needed and desired indeed be achieved.

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