The $1,000 Plan: Day Fifteen

As we work towards achieving the goal of The $1,000 Plan in 4 - 6 weeks, embracing alternatives has become part & parcel of a necessary mind shift. When it comes to seeking out alternative budget-friendly cleaning products, I mentioned in a previous blogpost how we have found it beneficial to make-from-scratch our own dishwasher tablets. We have found there are indeed quite a range of household cleaning products that can easily be replaced with less expensive, yet still healthy alternatives. One particular product that we have found has multiple uses around the home is white vinegar.

White vinegar can be used for a number of purposes. One such purpose we have embraced is that white vinegar works very well as a rinse aid in the dishwasher, as it helps to fight residue build up.

White vinegar is also working well as a deodarizer in the washing machine. We have been adding it to each wash for months now, via the fabric softener compartment.

White vinegar also can be added to a mix of water and a little dishwashing liquid to make a good universal cleaner for such things as windows. I particular like the streak-free finish this leaves on windows.

If you are keen to look at cleaner, simpler and budget-friendly household cleaning product alternatives, that also work well health-wise, white vinegar really is a good alternative when it comes to look at revamping your options for cleaning products.

With a little research, you are sure to find other uses for white vinegar, other than those I have just mentioned. Finding alternatives that work well for the budget and still prove to be safe & healthy also, all help to make a difference when you have a savings goal. White vinegar is one such alternative that we have found most useful.

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