National Organic Week Day 7: Wood Chip Mulch

It is Day 7 of National Organic Week here in Aotearoa New Zealand, and I thought I would once again share how advantageous we have found following the Back to Eden Gardening Method to be. It is a method of gardening that embraces an organic, spray-free and no-tilling approach to growing your own food.

I have written several previous blog posts about our garden and why we use this specific method of gardening, so you are welcome to go and read all about it, particularly via the following blog post links, about our use of Wood Chip Mulch and also this post documenting our Mulching Progress

As I have said in a previous post, The Back to Eden Gardening Method is a method of gardening that will sort everyone from the youngest to the oldest, as it really is very low maintenance. You can literally taste the difference this earth-friendly method of gardening makes, when it comes to producing good food for your table.

Here is a link to the actual Back to Eden film that was so inspiring for our household: . I highly recommend watching it.

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