Wanting a Financial Breakthrough?

Want a financial breakthrough as fast as possible? One of the key things you can do, according to others who have been down the same path, is to do some serious work when it comes to household menu planning, food preparation & shopping shrewdly. 

My goal over the next 4 - 6 weeks is to see if I can save $1,000. Can I do it, when there are the usual utility bills, etc to still pay and we are a single income household? 

Can this goal be achieved while there are still four hungry household members needing to be feed each day and some of us have special dietary needs to also be met along the way??? 

Will it realistically take longer than the timeframe I am choosing to launch out with, or could it prove surprisingly to be much easier and in fact take less time than anticipated from the outset?

Will we find ways to be extra frugal and shrewd with what we already have available to us?  

Will we discover there is some surpluses available to us to generate additional monetary income? 

Will we feel it is actually all far too penny pinching, and just too hard to reach such a significant financial goal in such a relatively short timeframe?

I am honestly not sure, but I am going to give it my upmost best shot, regardless. Watch out for my updates, as I plan to share the journey taken and what proves to be the pros and cons along the way. Let's see how and where this household financial goalsetting take us. 

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