National Organic Week Day 6: Seed Saving

It's National Organic Week Day 6, and I thought I would share about seed saving. A number of years ago now a local friend shared with me how beneficial seed-saving is. They explained that if you save seed for three generations, the resulting seed will be that which is the best possible for your garden's growing conditions.

We have endeavoured to embrace that practice and the results have indeed spoken for themselves. Carrot seed, which this friend had been collecting themselves proved to be the most wonderful carrot seed I have ever used in our garden. I have never seen or tasted such wonderful carrots, as those grown from the seed that was shared with us.

In turn, we have had the most magnificent crown pumpkins grow from seeds we saved over several generations. When you have tasty, juicy pumpkins that are literally the size of a soccer ball, you know you have been blessed with something good!

Saving seed can be done quite simply. There are a number of videos on Youtube that discuss seed-saving and of course books can be sourced from the local library, should you require guidance.

I harvest most seed by collecting it and laying it out on trays, before putting it in the hot water cupboard to further dry. Some seed however may require a further step in the form of washing, before actually be placed on trays to dry. Some seed may be best collected and put out onto actual damp paper towels, particularly if it is small and not so easy to handle. A little research will help you determine what is the best approach to take for any and all particular forms of seed.

You can also research and look into how to save bulbs, and you can also learn how to take and strike cuttings, when it is seasonally appropriate to do so. One of the joys of having your own garden is not only the harvesting of wonderful organic, spray-free produce, but over time your garden can also create its own means of balance and indeed multiply what it produces, and seed saving goes a long way towards seeing the best possible results coming to fruition.

A little research about how best to collect and store each particular seed will go a long way to ensuring your seed saving is highly successful. I highly recommend saving seed as part of establishing your own backyard garden.

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