National Organic Week Day 5: Essential Oils

It is Day 5 of National Organic Week here in Aotearoa New Zealand. As part of the series of blogposts to celebrate this week's special nation-wide focus, I thought I would share about how Essential Oils have been so significantly helpful for me as a mama, and particularly as a mama of children with allergy issues. 

For literally years, I have used essential oils to calm & soothe one of our children's eczema prone skin, as required, with wonderful results. I have also used them to help provide relief for a child struggling with respiratory health issues. 

Essential Oils have been so much a part of how we look after the health and well-being of family members within our household, and they really are wonderful for both cleaning and cleansing one's actual home also! 

I am very keen to learn how to make my own oils in the future, using our homegrown herbs. However in the meantime, I am making the most of having several local suppliers I can purchase from. 

Organically produced Essential Oils are expensive, however I see it as an incredibly wise investment. Over time, a collection of oils can be built, even when you are on a limited budget.

I am already planning what oils I will be aiming to have on-hand ready for the coming winter, and Tea Tree Oil is one of the first I have recently replenished in my small Must-have-on-hand Collection.

Essential Oils do require wisdom when it comes to their use. It is incredibly important to do thorough research before using any one of them. They all require various means of handling and dosage, and some can only be used in certain ways (for instance, they may require a Carrier Oil, or they may not be able to be directly applied to the skin at all), so it is paramount that they are each used with due care and caution always. 

I have personally found it incredibly interesting learning about various oils, and I regularly endeavour to keep my knowledge current and relevant. 

I highly recommend incorporating Essential Oils into your family medicinal and first aid collection, as well as looking into other ways they can be used in and around the home. They have proven to be of great benefit to my own household.

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