National Organic Week Day 4: Why We Prefer Organic Peanut Butter

It's National Organic Week Day 4, and I thought I would share about one of the food products enjoyed in our household, Peanut Butter. 

We choose to purchase Organic Peanut Butter to avoid another of the 'Dirty Dozen' named for being conventionally farmed with high concentrations of chemical pesticides used in the growing process.... Peanuts. NO way do we want our little ones consuming such a product. 

While some may complain that Organic Peanut Butter is more expensive to purchase than conventionally produced Peanut Butter, we have felt as a household it was one of those food products we were prepared to pay more for.  

You can also, of course, have a go at making your own Peanut Butter from scratch. The choice is always yours. We may at some point in time have a go at making our own, to see if we like it even better.

Whether your preference is for crunchy or smooth, organically produced Peanut Butter tastes so good, according to those in our household who enjoy it!

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