Newsflash: Household Logistics is now on Youtube!

Hello Online Friends & Readers!

There are new and (very) exciting things underway here at Household Logistics, which I am very much looking forward to sharing with you all.

After literally hours and hours of behind the scenes video and picture editing, I am super excited to share with you that the very first Household Logistics video is now up and running on Youtube.

It is such a super big, superdooper exciting new step! (You can tell I am really delighted and just plain excited about it right?!)

Yes! There is now not only the Household Logistics Blog, but also a Household Logistics Youtube Channel!

It has been an exciting step to take, to now also have a Household Logistics Youtube Channel as well, with its very first video upload online. 

No doubt there will be lots of ideas about what to share on the channel. Plus, there will be lots to learn about actually having a Youtube Channel, as the channel gets going and growing.

But, as much as there will be a lot of learning ahead, I am at this moment just enjoying the excitement surrounding this rather wonderful new aspect, to the online adventure, that Household Logistics is proving to be.

I am really very excited about some of the ideas that are already percolating for the Household Logistics Youtube Channel. (Mmmmmmm... how many times can I get away with using the word 'excited' in this one blog post, I wonder?) 

Ideas about taking some of what I have already shared here as blog posts and perhaps revisit what worked well, or perhaps is due for an update on the home organization front, and to do so in a video format.

There are ideas already percolating about how to go about sharing via video format the current projects being carried out to redecorate our home.

There are ideas about how to go about sharing about new routines and household management strategies I am trialling and finding very helpful.

There are ideas percolating about how to go about sharing aspects of the ongoing decluttering journey being engaged in here on the homefront. How to share time management tips I am finding really good, as well as the ongoing progress in our backyard garden.

Thoughts about how to go about sharing budget friendly recipes perhaps in a step by step video tutorial format....... 

How to possibly share via video some of the frugal and healthy living practices we are practising as a one income family, a homeschooling family and a family with some significant health issues that at times need extra consideration....

Ideas about how to go about sharing the progress on the DIY Diva Projects that are every so often being engaged in here in our neck-of-the-woods.....

Well, like I said, there are lots of ideas coming to mind about what could be shared, via both the Household Logistics Blog AND the Household Logistics Youtube Channel. I look forward to working towards making those ideas come to fruition.

It has definitely been quite a learning curve getting to the stage of posting up the first actual video on the Household Logistics Youtube Channel. 

It has been a challenge and also fun at the same time, as I go about mastering all the technical aspects of piecing video footage together for continuity. It has been quite something to get my head around all that is involved to add in the extras of film-making like subtitles, music, visual overlays, etc.

It has been a challenge, it has been fun, and I have definitely been learning something that is totally new to me! (The mind boggles thinking how many hours actual blockbuster movie-makers must spend on editing their film endeavours!!!).

At this stage, I don't envisage doing a lot of in front of camera vlogging (I am rather a shy gal), however, we shall see how it all goes and what does work best for each specific video's content.

I do plan to explore a number of filming styles and approaches to share content, which will hopefully provide an interesting and good viewing experience for the viewer each time. 

I hope you will all continue to enjoy the various blog posts here at the Household Logistics Blog, AND go and check out the Youtube channel also and support it in its early stages.

The first uploaded video on the Household Logistics Youtube Channel is actually more of a photographic montage with subtitles, rather than actual action-filled video footage. (I hope that explanation makes sense).

I hope you will be as excited about this new aspect to Household Logistics as I am. It is a new year, and having a Youtube Channel is a new and exciting media adventure for sure!

When it comes to trying to determine how best to keep up with the latest posts on the Household Logistics Blog AND also at the Household Logistics Youtube Channel, I would highly recommend you check out what is regularly posted on the Household Logistics Facebook Page. 

The Household Logistics Facebook Page will profile what is new on both the blog and the channel sites.

If you decide you would like to receive a direct email notification, about what is uploaded to the Household Logistics Youtube Channel, you can click here and actually subscribe to the channel. 

That way, any time there is a new video on the channel, you will receive direct notification, via your email account.

You can of course, also follow the Household Logistics Facebook Page by subscribing to that page, so you are kept up to date with what is posted over there. 

To do so, you can click hereI highly recommend setting up a subscription to keep up to date.

Thanks so much for being part of this journey, as you join me here at Household Logistics. 

Each encouraging comment received means a great deal and is very much appreciated. Thank you to all those who have at various times sent them.

So, without further ado, Online Friends...... May you celebrate these new exciting steps with me, and go on over to check out the first uploaded video, over at the Household Logistics Youtube Channel. It is an update on our household's gardening endeavours.

Have a lovely week, Everyone.

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