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If you have read any number of posts here in my small section of Blogland, you will have figured out by now that I really love spending time in my garden. I also really enjoy catching up on what other gardeners are doing, and hearing about what has been achieved and learnt.

Being able to chat with family and friends who have a common interest in growing all things green and gorgeous is always of interest to me. It has been my experience, that people who enjoy gardening are more than happy to take an informal tour of each other gardens, and exchange stories about how things are going season by season. We learn so much from each other's gardening adventures, and often gain a small handful of seed or seedlings, which are kindly passed on, in the process also.

Recently I received an envelope of garden goodness (aka as a selection of home harvested seeds) from Jen Morris, who is a fellow New Zealand blogger who also really enjoys being out and about in her own lovely garden, down the line in the Taranaki Region.

I have been keen to add more flowering plants to my own backyard garden for some time, in order to attract more pollinators to visit. So what flower seed Jen did include in the set of seed she sent to me is sure to be really beneficial, to help extend the current range in our garden.

I look forward to getting these various varieties sown and seeing the range of flowers come to fruition. Thanks again, Jen. Your gift of home harvested seed was, and is, highly appreciated.

For those interested, you can check out what Jen is actually doing in her garden, season by season, via her regular vlog posts over at her Youtube Channel, 'A Thousand Words'. Here is the link to the tour of her backyard for last Spring, for those of you interested in checking it out: Garden Tour: Spring 2017. She has posted several seasonal tours and they are each interesting to view.

Jen has done a lot of hard work in her Taranaki based garden, with the support of her husband Grant. Together they have created a lush and attractive garden, with both homegrown produce and a diverse range of flowers also.

Her gardening journey has been very interesting to follow via her blog and vlog posts. As a fellow backyard gardening enthusiast also with a limited budget, I have particularly appreciated seeing how she goes about using innovation and frugal approaches to resolving various aspects of keeping and setting up a backyard food source for her and her family. It really is wonderful being able to source ideas from others online and learn from their experiences.

The truly wonderful thing about the internet and online community is that we can all learn from each other. Sometimes we can also not only share our gained wisdom and knowledge, but also at times pool resources also, if locality, time and resources allows for it. Sometimes an online network and community proves to be a very helpful and resource-filled means of supporting others and their endeavours.

Sometime ago I had sent Jen a parcel of home harvested seeds myself, so it was rather lovely to get a reciprocal selection sent through from Jen herself for my own garden. It is always fun and nice to add to one's own garden through exchanges with others when possible.

Seed exchanges really do help gardeners extend their repertoire of seeds and plants. Sharing our experiences and learning from each other provides a rich and diverse knowledge base to tap into also.

To date, the community of gardeners I have gotten to know, both locally and nationally, have all proved to be generous and friendly people. We are a group of people who have the common bond of really loving being outdoors, and seeing just what can be achieved with abit of dirt and a handful of seed, etc.

I am currently working away at putting together a video soon of our own backyard gardening endeavours, and it will nice to share this with you all, once it is completed. It will no doubt be a lovely way to record the seasonal changes and seasonal crop rotations in our own backyard garden, and in time to look back in time and see just what has been achieved.

There really is nothing quite like having delicious homegrown vegies and fruit growing, as well as diverse boughs of floral colour in your own neck-of-the-woods.

Do check out what Jen is doing in Taranaki via her video vlogs on her Youtube Channel, and we will soon enjoy sharing with you a video of our very own backyard adventure also.

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