Blossoms & Bees

The plum tree is just so stunning with all the clusters of blossom on it at present. It is a source of delight & joy to see it so laden with beautiful white blossom on every branch. 

Out in the garden with my camera once again, I just had to capture some more photographs of this wonderful reminder that it is indeed now Spring.

The plum tree with all its boughs of blossom has been a magnet for local bees. I have found their activity fascinating. I managed to capture this image of one very busy worker, going about their task.

Spring is such a pretty time of year. Creation's beauty is so evident in Springtime, isn't it? I am looking forward to seeing more and more evidence of new growth in the days ahead. It will be nice to have the days becoming warmer also.

 Spring is such a picturesque season, full of wonderful promise.

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