Lemons, lemons. lemons...What shall we do with them?

A wonderful perk associated with having a healthy garden is the abundance of fruit that is produced.! We have so appreciated having our lemon trees laden with fruit these past months. Yet, I have been wondering what can we do with them?! We often squeeze them for drinks, but what else could be done with them besides the usual lemonade, lemon curd and lemon flavoured desserts?

I am sure there MUST be some super delicious recipes and possibilities out there in the wide world that could be the perfect solution..... so, I thought I would ask for ideas from you the readers of Household Logistics!

Perhaps you have a delicious recipe other than those previously mentioned? 

Perhaps you have a helpful household tip that involves lemon juice or skin in the ingredients? 

Maybe you can provide a link to something online, that you think would be a superb way to make the most of the bountiful collection of lemons in our backyard?

It will be fabulous to hear your suggestions. I look forward to hearing your ideas!


  1. We grated peels into lots of foods, and then used insides with teas, drinks etc. For example: pancakes were really nice with grated lemon in the batter, rice stir fry with grated peels, banana cake the same, for drinks we made a mixture of squeezed lemon, grated ginger, honey (have to sift it though to gets the bits out - and then those bits can go inside pancakes etc).

    1. Thanks for sharing, Maria. I will have to try using the peel for flavouring as you have suggested.