Cupboard Makeover

As much as you can try to keep everything in its place, it doesn't always work out that way, does it? It can just take a couple of loads of laundry, or shoes or bags, etc not getting put away in their rightful places, and before you know it chaos has crept into household linen and storage cupboards.

The hot water cupboard in our neck-of-the-woods required some TLC and I finally got around to sorting it out. The shelves were full to over-flowing with several loads of laundry that had not been re-homed. Scattered shoes, raincoats, surplus bags... had all helped this cupboard quickly become a jumbled mess.

Perhaps one day it might be fun to do a fast forward type of video to document the process taken to restore areas such as this one. A video where you get to see things going from a muddled, jumbled chaotic mess to blissful, delightful order in what appears to be a blink of an eye... with  all the sorting and re-ordering being achieved with lightening speed before your eyes! It will be something I will quiet consider looking at perhaps doing at a later point in time, as there is sure to be another area or cupboard needing attention also!

However,  I will share the transformation achieved on this occasion by sharing photographs instead. It is quite satisfying to see a "Before" photograph and an "After" photograph when a task like this is done. It is really does make it clear just what was achieved. 

I plan to get more of the white Sistema brand containers for this cupboard, so things can be stored in them. It will help with the sorting of laundry and it will eliminate the overall visual clutter in the cupboard.

I will look at doing an update once I have got the extra containers. In the meantime, I am sure you will agree that it looks a lot better already. 

What do you find helpful to keep laundry cupboards & linen storage areas orderly? I would be interested to hear your ideas about what you have found works well for you and your household. Leave a comment & share what the helpful tips that you have found effective.

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