Budgets & Beyond Surviving

Just surviving. No one wants to live that way. I for one am completely over just surviving from payday to payday. So creativity, shrewdness, innovation and frugality are just some of many things that have to truly step up, kick in and pave the way forward even more so from now on.

Enough is frankly enough. Change is wanted, so change has to be embraced. As someone once said, life has no remote you have to get up and change it yourself!

Sitting blubbering and woeing over there never being enough money, is NOT going to provide the change needed, and make the vision of moving beyond simply SURVIVING a reality. Anger and frustration need to... (NO! They actually MUST), give way to determination and resilience!

The challenge I am choosing to embrace is to completely revamp food budgets, menu plans, saving plans..... anything and everything that is tied up in the reality of keeping good food on the table, and frustration and anger at bay each payday.

Survival mode is old hat, and moving forward embracing POSITIVE change is the new black!

So the cost of living has increased. There is not much any of us can do about that. The challenge is to look at new alternatives, new ways and new means of approaching things. There needs be taken on a board something of a bull headedness approach to making things work better, for better and in a more timely fashion. I no longer have the patience to keep waiting and waiting on the hope for change. Enough is simply enough!

Greater frugalism needs to be weighed up and measured against the impact it will have at various levels.

Quality needs to be valued even more so over quantity.

Life may be richer if it is embraced simpler.

Abundance may in fact be best found in minimalism and less materialism, however that manifests itself in one's own neck of the woods.

Dietary needs need to be assessed and valued more so in an uncompromising manner.

More making from scratch, and more making things go further, needs to be embraced.

It is time to start looking more at what we already possess and making the most of those very things to make them go further and further.

One of the first things I aim to do is revamp the meal preparations that are done. I want frugal, healthy food being placed on our table and MORE money in my pocket!

My first personal challenge is to use what currently IS in the fridge, the pantry, the freezer and make it go as far as it can possibly go on the food front.

A VERY frugal foodie I am going to be! 

The big girl pants are truly pulled up. The determined grit present in my jaw. Like Jonah Lomu the mighty All Black I am charging my run across the field to the goal post!

Frugal. Friendly. Fabulous.

Watch this space for my first recipe!

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