February's Budget-friendly Recipes

Hi Everyone! Here is a sneak peek at the budget-friendly recipes I have trialed over the last little while.

I will upload the actual blog posts detailing each recipe soon. Each of the recipes for these yummy looking cooked or baked items have proven to be well received in our household.

They have also all proven to work well within our current food budget, as many of the ingredients were able to be found in the pantry, freezer, backyard garden, etc with no special trips to the grocery store required.

The Chocolate Chip Biscuits were cooked today, but I thought I would still include the recipe with the others I decided to profile and share with you all, for the month of February. They are a fabulous yummy treat!

So here are some sneak peek photographs......

Homemade Pasta Sauce has proven to be a fabulous staple. The recipe I used had a handful of ingredients that were all on-hand. I highly recommend trying this simple yet delicious recipe yourself when it is posted.

A Fruit Crumble is always a winner as a dessert in our household. This recipe is easily adapted to make use of whatever fruit you have available to use. When I made this particular version of the recipe, I used apples, plums, pears and bananas.

A pre-cooked chicken can be used in a number of ways over several meals, which I will share in an upcoming post.

Accompanied by a tossed salad, made up of ingredients sourced from both the backyard garden and the pantry, this particular meal of Chicken and Salad was well received by all our household members.

This Savoury Sausages Recipe was one I adapted from a recipe, that was given to me by a friend, for Savoury Lamb Chops. Whether you choose to use lamb chops or sausages, the gravy like sauce is sure to please. The accompanying potatoes were considered to be very yummy also, I will share how I prepared those also!

Meat Loaf proved to be an alternative way to cook mincemeat for my family. Being a budget-friendly form of meat, I need to source and file away a repertoire of recipes for mincemeat.  This particular Meat Loaf recipe met with approval, and will no doubt be on the menu again in my own household.

Apples once again proved to be the main ingredient for a dessert that was enjoyed by my family. Home-made sweet shortcrust pastry is something I could prepare ahead of time and have on hand in the freezer I am thinking. It doesn't take long to prepare, however having it readily available could make the process of preparing a dessert just that little bit quicker in the future. It is certainly something I will give some serious thought towards, when I have some extra eggs available from our backyard hens.

This Chocolate Chip Biscuit recipe was one I adapted. I found it worked well and it is to be hoped that there will enough biscuits still available to go into lunchboxes next week. Other than the block of butter and the packet of chocolate drops, I managed to source all the ingredients from that we had already at hand in the pantry.

So there you have it. A brief introduction to several of the recipes I trialed recently. We also had lots of summer salads, as it is of course the season for lots of greens and such being readily at hand in the garden, and available for harvesting. These are some particular recipes I felt would be of value to share here, so others who are wanting some budget-friendly recipes could try them also.

Good food means good health. If the food we provide and prepare for our families are budget-friendly also, it certainly is an even bigger plus also! Watch out for the first recipe, which will be posted very soon! Bon appetit, Everyone!

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