Craftroom Chaos

It's a new year and one of my goals is to definitely get on top of all the unfinished of my scrapbooking, sewing, as well as the art and craft projects that are lurking, and waiting for my undivided attention.

Yet to make some headway on attempting to finish any of those projects, I have one bigger project that has yet to be approached first: the sorting and setting up of my home office and craftroom!

What has instead become a holding zone for multiple unfinished sewing, craft and scrapbooking projects, etc has also become a popular household dumping ground, simply because it is a convenient room to pile things into.

SIGH. It is simply overwhelming, when I think of what has to occur, in order to get things back into some semblance of workable order.

The intense summer heat at present is making it literally impossible to do anything outdoors (the backyard garden is being called the Food Forest at present!), so my focus has to be on things that are indoors instead. Therefore, what has been avoided for some time, now has to be faced.

Boxes and boxes of items need to be gone through. There are piles of papers that need to sorted and filed..... and that is definitely another major job that demands attention in the not too distant future also!

So wish me luck, everyone! One box of items will be sorted, purged and organized at a time, as there is simply no other sensible way to go about it.

Those the visit us are just going to have to accept the current chaos and remember they came to visit us, rather than our worldly goods!

I will have to work on not letting panic kick in, as it is all feeling so overwhelming at present. I have pulled a lot out of the room that has been used by and large as a holding zone, and it is now scattered around the living area in numerous piles. It seems too often one has to make a mess in order to clean up a mess (it is a sad reality, isn't it?).

I loathe living with visual chaos and things out of order, and at present the balance has so clearly tipped in the favor of it being declared nothing other than orderly disorder (and that is me endeavoring to give myself some measure of encouragement about the overall look of things on the home-front today).

Some music or a movie, plus some yummy edible treats may soon be required to help the old motivation stay at hand and at the ready....SIGH.

Breathe. Simply breathe, will have to be a motto embraced as I work my way through bringing order back.

So here are a few photographs of today's attempt to bring some measure of chaos back to order.....

This is the contents of one of many boxes of that have been stored away, out of sight..... a tangled mass of delicious sewing and craft materials! Once it is in order, imagine the fun that will be had... yet, in the meantime this is what has until now been secretly hidden away.

It is surely not all doom and gloom though, because as you can see with this open box, I have previously attempted at least to try and keep lengths of fabric in some semblance of order by creating individual bundles. There is at least some evidence of an attempt being previously made, even if it wasn't overall the best of solutions in the long term.

Still, I am sure this could look a whole lot better, plus it would be nice to see what is present straight away, rather than have to always rummage through bundles for what I am seeking!

So, this is what I have started over the last couple of days... small bolts of ribbon and lace, plus folding up bolts of fabric also. Doesn't it look SO MUCH BETTER!!

I love the fact I can now SEE what I actually have! What a change it has made already! Yes, it is still all having to be stored in a box until the furniture is all sorted out for the room, but hey! This is a far better and more workable system!

I will post up some final reveal photographs, once it is all ship-shape.

In the meantime, feel free to leave an encouraging comment, as your words of encouragement would be hugely appreciated! (No doubt it would all be good soul food, for this particular weary creative home administrator, digging her way out from under her craftroom chaos, one step at a time!) Wish me well everyone!

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