New Year Home Projects

Happy new year everyone! Here it is January 11th already. Where did the first part of 2016 go? Here it is almost half way through the very first month of 2016. Wow!

It feels like forever since I last blogged here, such has life been. Things have been very busy in our household, what with Christmas and all that it involves. Plus! With hubby off work and home on holiday over the last little while, there has been even more opportunity to get going on the interior painting projects and all the extra home maintenance and organization projects that needed attention.

In fact, the other day after a particularly busy and tiring day, his comment was that he was looking forward to going back to work, in order to have a bit of a holiday from being our number one painter and handyman person!

I thought I would let this blog post be something of a catch up post, to share an quick overview of some of the various home projects that have been the focus here lately. Then, at a later point I can share in greater detail about each of them, and even do some final reveal blog posts when they are fully completed.

Final reveal blog posts are always fun to see. Plus, it can be neat to see the journey taken along the way also.

But for now without further a-do, I will share with you some sneak peek photographs, so you can have a little look at what HAS been worked on, during our Christmas and summer holiday time.

So here they are, folks! Some photographs to let you have a sneak peek at some of the activity happening on the home-front at our place. You can have a little look in at what is taking place, to get us all ship shape and super sorted (hopefully) for the coming school and work year!

There has been a lot of painting occurring lately. We have become somewhat accustomed to paint pails being stacked in corners, and boxes of items being piled up and then shifted from room to room as it has been required.

The latest interior painting activities have been occurring in a child's bedroom, plus the initial pre-painting preparations have begun in the main bathroom also.

All the various stages along the way are great to see as they occur. There sometimes seems to be more time spent on the pre-painting preparations than perhaps the actual painting.

Filling in blemishes and holes takes time, doing any follow up sanding, and the washing off of leftover sanding dust all seem to take quite a considerable amount of time to do!

Preparation is of course essential to obtain a good finish, but it certainly does take some persistence and perseverance to get it done!

Seeing the still wet, first topcoat of paint is always exciting. It is a great stage to be at, because you know you are really making great progress at that point! Progress is always fantastic to see!

I have really been enjoying working on new layouts in rooms, and trialing new ways of displaying everyday household items around our home.

It can all make such a difference to how a room feels on entering it! I will enjoy sharing more about the layout changes we have been implementing in various rooms in future blog posts.

I will also really enjoy sharing more about the huge purge and sort I have been engaging in over the summer. I have some ideas in mind for my office and craftroom, which I am very excited about. Here is a sneak peek photograph of some sorting that I have been carry out lately.... there is nothing quite like seeing ribbons and laces being tamed at last!

So there you have it. Some sneak peek photographs of some of the activity occurring on the home-front here at present.

I am sure it is all going to come together soon, and we will then feel less like we are always living out of boxes. Such is life it would seem, when you are doing a reorganization and redecorating project on more or less a house-wide scale!

A new year. A new chapter. Love it.

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