Clutter Buster: Laundry Bins

One of the most effective clutter buster strategies I recently implemented was the use of laundry bins.

Each child has their own designated bin. I knew I wanted greater independence and responsibility to be encouraged. I knew I wanted to put in place something that would be age and developmental stage friendly. Whatever strategy was embraced needed to help resolve at a day to day level, any possibility that it was acceptable to leave dirty clothing on the floor, draped over chairs, furniture, etc.

It is an ongoing process. Encouraging the adoption of a particular strategy and habit does take time (and a considerable amount of parental patience also!). As the 'teacher' of the new habit and process, I am having to every so often remind, follow up and follow through.

The reality is that children do need reminders. They do need adult supervision to keep to a strategy. They do need encouragement and positive recognition when the strategy IS carried out correctly.

The big long term aim is that each individual child will eventually one day take complete and full responsibility for the whole laundry process. Implementing the catch-all, the use of a laundry bin, is the first step towards this big picture objective.

To date, with a few hiccups along the way occasionally, the individual laundry bin system is proving to be efficient as a laundry clutter buster.

What system do you use for laundry? Share your story via a comment.

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