Laundry Wars

Sun up to sun down, dealing to piles of laundry can seem like a never ending saga, right? It is a constant, time zapping activity, requiring attention daily.

Life and it's various stages gets played out via the laundry, doesn't it?

Whether you are at the stage of looking after a newborn baby, or whether you are fully in the midst of the teenage years with sports and recreational activities, laundry piles constantly demand attention again and again.

Recently, I looked at the mountainous pile of laundry demanding my attention and thought to myself: IT IS JUST TOO BIG THIS TIME!

As we are full swing into the winter months, getting the washing done to the point of being line dried (most households line dry their laundry in New Zealand) has been very challenging.

Monday morning's laundry focus last week involved a visit to a local professional laundry service.

It was such a relief to hand it all over and leave it in someone else's capable hands. My homeschooler and I then headed off to the library and enjoyed both working and reading there.

It was such a good feeling to know the mountain of washing was being dealt to, getting all washed up and dried, whilst we got on with other tasks.

Catching up on laundry on this particular occasion was going to take a tremendous amount of time and energy to achieve. Plus of course, there would be quite a substantial additional financial cost, due to having to run numerous multiple loads here at home, through our domestic-sized washer and drier. 

It proved to be more efficient to achieve the necessary task, by making good use of a professional laundry service which had the necessary large commercial sized equipment and resources.

Sometimes it pays to choose your battles, particular on the home-front. Battling through load after load of laundry at home, was NOT going to be the wisest of choices on this occasion. The goal was best achieved by making better use of other resources.

Laundry wars. It is a battle that requires good strategy and a good amount of sound logic. It is relief when laundry is conquered, isn't it!

What other tips can you provide about this issue of keeping on top of household laundry? Share your story in the comments.

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