5 Kitchen Items I'm Dreaming Of Right Now

It is always fun to dream, right? To look online and do a little wishful 'window shopping,' can be a fun activity to do when you want to chill out for a bit. I know for me, I actually find it both fun and also interesting to do.

It is interesting to see what is available via various online shopping sites on the world wide web, and it is particular nice if you find a local supplier of the item also!

There are some very impressive kitchen gadgets and tools for us all to ponder having. To dream a little, and choose whatever your heart desired as if you have a limitless budget, it can be a bit of fun. It is of course, also a chance to quietly gather information about what may, at some future time, actually be able to be purchased.

There is a huge array of fabulous kitchen items online, all of which would be amazing to have, to help us make various culinary masterpieces. Perhaps they may even save a little time and energy, when working on things in the kitchen. I will definitely have to save my pennies!

I have enjoyed looking online and have selected 5 kitchen items that I would really enjoy having at some point in the not too distant future. I have endeavoured to find local New Zealand suppliers of these 5 kitchen items, or an international supplier that will ship to New Zealand - because of course, that is where I am living.

It is always fun to make a wish-list, isn't it? So below is a list of my current 5 wish-list items for our kitchen.......

(By the way, you can check out the actual details and specifications by clicking on the name of the item listed. The link will take you through to the actual online supplier's website).

#1 Le Creuset Cast Iron Fry Pan





#5 Excalibur Dehydrator


I hope you enjoyed having a look, and perhaps you too will choose to add them to your current dream kitchen wish-list also!

Share a comment to let me know what your current 5 Kitchen Wish-list items are.

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