Overwhelmed. Again.

How is it that feeling overwhelmed about one's household logistics can come back to re-visit?

How is it that it can do so (and somewhat more doggedly), when re-visiting for another attacking round?

Being real, that is what has happened. I'm sure there are many others that would be very familiar with this experience also.

Having had the best laid plans, somehow a now familiar feeling of being overwhelmed by all that needs to be put back in order, or is due to be seasonally revised for better functionality and overall domestic organization, has returned.

A sense of being clueless about the art of domestic organization and management, plus the tell-tale signs of fatigue starting, have all crept in to nag at me again.

Sometime ago I posted a post titled Clueless. You may have read it. In fact, it has proven to be one of the most read posts on this particular blog.

Maybe it was a post read by many that identified with what was shared. Perhaps for many that read it, that particular post created such an 'uh-huh' moment that they then sent the link onto a friend.

Perhaps it was a post that touched a sensitive nerve. Maybe it proved to be a blog post that put the common feeling of being overwhelmed out there, and it proved to be an online read which many a reader quietly nodded over with empathy and common understanding.

The reality is: for all the picture perfect organized homes out there on Pinterest and shining in stunning glorious-ness across the Internet........ there is just such a common sense of feeling clueless about domesticity by a really significant number of people around the world!

There is much offered online to spark us into action on the domestic front. We plough ahead to create more order, greater functional routines..... yet a significant number of us struggle with feeling overwhelmed several times over.

We feel somewhat overwhelmed repeatedly, to the point of feeling pursued by something like a snapping black dog. I know I do.

There is just so much available to spur us on, to direct and help us each take courage to make the most of the time, energy & resources available to us all! The pressure can and does at times feel immense.

If ONLY we tried this, bought that, persisted by pushing through somehow it would all MIRACULOUSLY work towards creating that utopia of a functioning, peaceful, orderly home-life experience. Yet a sense of being overwhelmed pesters many of us! Go figure!

The sense of feeling clueless about all things domestic comes to re-visit again and again.  Just like it's not so distant and equally unpleasant relative: Over-whelmed-ness, it comes again to align it's shoulder with ours.

As much as I see progress happening step-by-step, drawer-by-drawer, cupboard by cupboard, area by area, etc here in my neck-of-the-woods, a sense of feeling overwhelmed with regard to the pursuit of obtaining effective household logistics somehow casts a significant shadow every so often.

Feeling overwhelmed is hard.

Knowing it has knocked on my door again, somehow makes it doubly hard also.

Feeling overwhelmed, with it's jarring snappiness pestering at the heels, has made it unfortunately clear that feeling overwhelmed has rung the doorbell and stepped in to come to visit with me again for a while.

How to deal with feeling overwhelmed when it has come to reside?

That is the million dollar question it would seem.

It would be interesting to know how others push through and deal to this unpleasant companion when it returns to hound them somewhat also.

How do others deal with the black dog called Overwhelmed-ness, when it slinks back in, with something of a jarring snapping bark, to stop over and visit again?

How do you personally deal with it and journey through it? Particularly when it somehow seems to bite and bark somewhat more loudly when it has come to re-visit again?

Feeling overwhelmed. Again.

By all that beckons and visually states that the household logistics need further work......... Some answers are required.

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