Clutter Buster: Plastic Bags Continued....

As promised here is a tutorial with photographs, about the method now being used in our household to store plastic bags.

As stated in the previous blog post, this is a great means of compacting each individual bag, so they are easily stored and organized in a clutter-free manner.

Each photograph depicts a step in the process of folding the plastic bag. Plus, additional instructions for each step involved are included also.

Hopefully this method of folding and storing plastic bags will prove to be a useful storage and organization method for your household also.

Here are the instructions, step-by-step:

   Lay the clean plastic bag right side out on a flat surface.

  Flatten the plastic bag out using your hands, with the sides tucked in 
and the handles extended out, as shown in the above photograph.

Fold a portion of the bag over onto the rest of the bag,
you could fold 1/4 or 1/3 at a time it is completely up to you, 
taking care to keep the plastic bag lying flat as you work.

Continue folding a portion of the bag over onto itself at a time, 
all the while keeping each portion similar in size, 
and the plastic bag flat on the work surface.

Once you have completed folding the plastic bag up and onto itself, 
it will appear as one long compacted strip, 
as shown in the above photograph.

Starting at the end furtherest from the actual bag handles, 
again fold the plastic bag up and onto itself,
in order to form a shape resembling a triangle.

Continue folding the compacted plastic bag up and on to itself. 
With each fold endeavour to form a neat 'triangle'. 
Take care to keep the compacted bag as tidy and flat as you can.

Working carefully will ensure your overall 'triangles' 
will be well formed and also remain compact.

With each compacted fold of the plastic bag, 
you will find you get closer to the actual bag handles. 
Remember to keep the folded 'triangle' you have created
neat and compact as you work along.

Work up as close as you can up next to the actual bag handles.
Leave approximately about 1 1/2 inches - 2 inches in length free, 
ready for the next step.

  Tuck the handles into the central pocket that was created 
within the compacted 'triangle.'
  Folding them over together at the same time,
 while gently pushing them down will achieve this.

You have folded your first plastic bag,
which is now compact and ready to be stored away.

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