The 24 Hour Household De-Clutter Challenge Results

Several weekends ago we set our household the challenge of doing a 24 hour collaborative de-clutter. From the youngest to the oldest household member, everyone was encouraged to participate and get involved by doing some concentrated sorting and purging.

Everything from toys, books, baby gear, desks, gumboots, jigsaw puzzles..... in fact a huge range of items both big and small that were all no longer needed, were added to the designated collection point over the 24 hour period. For our household, this collaborative de-cluttering project proved to be a very, very worthwhile endeavour!

Here are a few photographs showing some of the progress made over the 24 hour period. All the items you can see in each photograph have been brought to the designated drop-off area from a variety of places around our home. No longer required or needed, the intention is to see these items get re-homed or re-purposed.

We were delighted with the resulting outcome from everyone's efforts and involvement. It certainly lessened the load to have everyone in the family get on board and participate. We will at some point again engage in doing another collaborative de-clutter, as this one proved to be very worthwhile to carry out.

It really is amazing how much more can be achieved when everyone, from the youngest to the oldest, gets involved and participates in such a collaborative activity.

Give it a go! You may well be as delighted as we were, with the end results your household achieves.

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