The 24 Hour Household De-Clutter Challenge

The challenge is set. All hands are required to get on deck and get on-board. The challenge, as of 12 noon today, is for our household to co-operate and participate in a 24 hour de-cluttering from amongst all things in and around our home.

From the four year old to the eldest adult, everyone will be asked to step up and make some decisions in relation to sorting, purging and getting on with eliminating some of the superfluous items that exist in drawers, on top of shelves, are hidden away in bookshelves, lurk in the bottom of toy boxes and are tucked away in storage boxes.....

With a drop-off area designated in the house, for all those purged items to be sent to, once an item has been set down and an adult has cast a tentative eye of agreed approval over any items the children decide need to passed on, that will be it. Sorted. Purged. Out the door it will go!

So begins a tentative trial today, of what might be something we choose to do again, if it proves to be successful and helpful.

Here are four photographs showing four different views of the designated 24 hour Corporate De-Clutter Drop-off Area I have set up today. I will photograph this over the next 24 hours to document our de-cluttering progress.

So here we go as a household, trying a new tactic to do some further de-cluttering in and around our household. Words of encouragement and/or advice via comments..... quiet prayers of support.... all will be most appreciated!

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