My Backyard: Berries & Jam

There is nothing quite like coming in from time in the garden with a container of berries.

I am looking forward to doing some jam-making soon. The promise of plum jam, raspberry jam, strawberry jam, etc in the near future is very appealing.

We have also been harvesting copious amounts of plums from the two plum trees this week. We have stewed up two stockpots of rhubarb and plums, and plan to freeze it to use later as filling for fruit crumbles, etc.

The peach tree is still quietly working on producing peaches. I am so looking forward to harvesting them also at a later point in the summer.

Having harvested the garlic last week, it has been prepared to put away. Here is a photograph showing the end result.

It has been a very productive week here. We have been working on the enclosure for the chickens, tidying up the garden shed, working in and around the garden harvesting, collecting seed and clearing various garden beds as appropriate. It has been a great week to enjoy in the garden all that is typical of it being summer.

According to the current Moon Calendar, from Saturday 4 January through to Monday 13 January is a great time to plant all above ground producing crops. A chance to spend part of another week in one's summer garden. Enjoy.

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