De-Clutter Challenge #1 Review

During the past week I set the challenge for myself of focusing on de-cluttering the house of all things Christmas related.

Wall hangings, Nativity characters, table-runners, the actual Christmas tree and it's ornaments, ribbons, bead garlands...... all were sorted and dealt with, as was deemed appropriate.

It was really helpful to simply aim to achieve one part of the challenge each day. This kept it manageable and real about how much time and energy was actually available to me.

Some days more was achieved than others, so over the week the actual overall challenge was able to be carried out with the much hoped for outcome actually resulting.

There is nothing like achieving a goal. It was great to work on taking down wall hangings, removing Christmas Tree decorations, putting away Nativity Characters, etc as time and energy allowed.

There really is nothing like achieving a goal, no matter how long it may end up taking. Particularly when facing the first of what is intended to be several challenges of this nature throughout the year ahead.

For those of us with small children, it can be dis-heartening to feel like you never quite get on top of such a project as doing some de-cluttering and sorting.

It may well be that as time goes on, some of the de-cluttering challenges  take longer to achieve. So be it. It is much better to keep things realistic than become a grumpy mess of a person, trying to achieve what simply isn't possible due to the current season of life you are in.

Get real. Be real. For your own sake and that also of your family.

I do very much plan to keep setting a challenge at the start of each week, then taking time to assess whether it worked to try and achieve it within the time-frame of a week. Plus, no doubt, any little handy hints trialled along the way may well be good to note also.

I am delighted with the outcome achieved last week here in my neck-of-the-woods.  I hope you also experienced an outcome that you were delighted with on the de-cluttering front during last week also.

I look forward to working on another challenge, De-Clutter Challenge #2 in the new week ahead.

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