De-Clutter Challenge #2

Well. De-Clutter Challenge #1 is done-and-dusted, so to speak, and now it is on to the second challenge!

In the week ahead I intend to de-clutter the fridge and freezer. As it is that time of year for harvesting various crops in the garden, it is absolutely appropriate to take stock of what may be lurking in the depths of the freezer!

We have both a fridge with small freezer under it as one refrigeration unit in the kitchen, plus a deep freezer which is tucked away in the garage area. Doing a sort, purge and any necessary cleaning would certainly be a very productive and timely challenge for the coming week.

Having prepared plums and rhubarb recently for freezing, I certainly need to know that there is room available for that to be stocked away. It will be good to also looking at perhaps setting up a better inventory system also for what is stocked away in the deep freezer, as things occasionally seem to get lost in and behind other things and then prove to be beyond their best by date.

So the De-Clutter Challenge #2  for the coming week is to set to and sort, purge, clean and get the freezers and fridge de-cluttered. You can choose to join me on this particular week's challenge, if it is appropriate to your circumstances also.

Whatever challenge you do choose to set this week, may it prove fruitful and beneficial for you and your household. All the best with your second de-clutter challenge for 2014!

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