The Five Most Popular Blog Posts in 2013!

2013. It has officially been and gone. Here it is the first day of the first month of 2014 already. Wow!

I thought it would be interesting to look at what were the five most popular blog posts on this very blog, since I started way back in August 2013 being a blogger person.

Yes, that's right! Household Logistics is over four months old now! Over the past months various topics have been written about, various projects engaged in, and lots and lots of people have been logging in to the internet to read this very blog!

It has been simply amazing to watch the readership grow over the last little while. To know that there are readers as far away as in Russia, Germany, South Africa and Denmark who are engaging in reading the various posts I have posted, all about things relating to household administration and organization - is so lovely.

It is truly wonderful to think that someone out there, via the world of the internet, may be encouraged by a post or two crafted for this very blog.

I so enjoy reading the various comments that get posted. It is lovely to get feedback about those posts that have strike a chord with people, that have resonated and been just what needed to be read. How wonderful.

Here is a review of the five most popular posts that you have all enjoyed reading over the last little while.... Have you missed one? Here's a means of perhaps having a quick catch up if you so wish to do so. Enjoy.

The No.1 most popular post in 2013 was part of the series titled Helpful Steps to Address a Sense of Feeling Overwhelmed: Quit Comparing!

It appears that this particular post truly spoke to many people, who have at some point or other, all struggled somewhat with that awful crippling sense of feeling overwhelmed.

It was a blog post that was not all prettied up. It was written with the intention of gently, yet directly encouraging and reminding us all again that so many of us need to get back on focus and simply enjoy our own existing and present experience - myself included.

It is a blog post I am sure will be good to review every so often as a helpful reminder.

De-cluttering seems to be something so many of us feel would be tremendously beneficial, in order to bring greater simplicity and restfulness in to our homes.

Hence the latest blog post which introduces The De-Clutter Project has already had a substantial number of readers from across the globe. It seems to be that no matter where you are in the world, we all struggle with feeling that we have way too much stuff cluttering our home turf.

De-Clutter Challenge #1 is worth reading for those interested in making 2014 the year for simplifying one's home life experience by being more mindful of what is actually in and around one's home.

Another post which was very popular in 2013 was Encouragement to Begin.

It was one of the first posts written and helped to set in place the purpose for this blog and the intentions behind blogging regularly about various areas being overhauled and re-organized.

Encouragement to begin, to focus on one area of focus at a time, all helps to keep things in perspective.

All the best of intentions can be applied, and the most wonderful of organization systems put in place. However, no organization system, course of action or routine, will stand the test of time and prove to be the best resolution, if it is not truly relevant and workable.

The blog post Keeping It Real, Whilst Keeping It Functional was a timely reminder that there is indeed only so much time and so much energy available in any given day, and that whatever organization system a household embraces needs to be absolutely appropriate to the specific needs of that household.

Chaos and calmness do go together. Experiencing community is something we all definitely need and none more so when sickness strikes a household. The blog post Chaos, Calmness & Community looked at how keeping things real is the wisest means of riding out those times when things such as established routines and organization systems can face challenge on the home-front.

So there you have it. The five most popular blog posts shared via Household Logistics according to readership numbers in 2013.

I very much look forward to sharing more via Household Logistics in this new year. I am looking forward to exploring what works and doesn't work on the household organization front for my own specific household.

Being able to document the journey taken, the goals and focuses set and the resulting outcomes, in whatever form they end up becoming, is so beneficial.

Focusing on what works best for my household, what caters best for all it's members, is the major intention, no matter how long each specific project takes.

One size will never fit all, so tweeks and modifications are all part of the process and journey taken. It's good to keep that in mind as the journey into 2014 unfolds.

May you also enjoy the year ahead, the journey taken as you work out new routines and new household organization systems now needed, as you seek to serve your own household best. 2014. A new year. A new year of hope and promise.

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