The De-Clutter Project: Challenge #1

This year I am planning to de-clutter our home by consciously choosing to focus during the week, around the usual daily tasks, on one specific de-cluttering focus.

I will aim to post the challenge I am setting myself at the start of the week, so it will help me direct what time and energy is available throughout the week on achieving that one particular de-cluttering aim.

I am excited about doing this. By having a particular area of focus, it means that overtime I will achieve the goal of simplifying our home environment experience down to what is relevant and appropriate to our current daily life experience.

Clutter, in whatever form it exists in within a household, is energy sapping. I personally find having a simplified visual environment so much more restful, so much more relaxing, and that of course is what one's home experience should provide; a place of rest and relaxation.

So the first de-cluttering challenge I am setting myself for this coming week, the first week of the new year, is to take down and sort to put away or purge all things Christmas related.

Now that Christmas itself is over for another year (My! Doesn't time seem to fly!), it is time to move on ahead to starting the fresh new year.

You are most welcome to join me, on looking to de-clutter your own home environment in 2014 also. Sometimes it is so beneficial to know someone else is working on a similar challenging project. It can be just the source of encouragement and motivation that is needed to get started and keep going.

Here is a list of the things that I can think of that need to be sorted out in the coming week. Perhaps this list will help you also to sort and possibly de-clutter a little also.

Advent Calendar & Christmas Cards
  • Pack up and sort/purge/mend/re-purpose/store away as deemed appropriate. 

Wall Hangings
  • Pack up and sort/purge/mend/re-purpose/store away all wall hangings, quilts, garlands & banners. 

Mantle & Shelf Displays
  • Dis-mantle and sort/purge/mend/re-purpose/store away all ornaments & nativity sets, candle-holders, greenery, garlands, Christmas-themed table runners & tablecloths, etc on fire mantle-pieces, bookshelves, buffets & table-tops.

Entrance & Foyer Displays
  • Dis-mantle all entrance & foyer displays. Sort/mend/purge/re-purpose/pack away all wreaths, Christmas trees, ornaments, garlands, Christmas lights & plant pots,etc.

Christmas Trees & Christmas Tree Ornaments
  • Dis-mantle all Christmas trees of ornaments, ribbons & bows, bead & tinsel garlands, Christmas lights. Sort/mend/purge/re-purpose/pack away as deemed appropriate.
  • Dis-mantle all Christmas Trees and sort/mend/purge/re-purpose/pack away as appropriate.

Hopefully having worked on this list of items, it will cover all that is needed to be sorted and put away during this coming week.

For those of you who also choose to focus on one de-clutter challenge per week in 2014, I wish you all the best also, with working through this first focus, should you wish to do so.

I know I for one, am looking forward to seeing our home a little more ready for the new year ahead by the end of this coming week!

I will aim to review how this week's challenge went later in the week, in order to touch-base with the resulting outcome that occurred.

All the best for 2014 and your household projects.

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