My Backyard: Summer Harvest

Having been ill, it has been some time since I have really enjoyed time in the garden. It has been so lovely to start to get back on track with garden activities again, including starting to harvest some of our summer crops.

Here are a few photographs of some of the produce we have been able to harvest from various sections of the garden lately.

We have harvested the garlic and prepared it, both for using it when cooking plus putting a good proportion aside for replanting mid-next year.

The first of the passionfruit has started to form! A very exciting development, as the vine is relatively new to the garden.

Plums, plums and more plums. Having applied a lot of manure in autumn, we have had a plentiful harvest of plums already to date this summer. I am so looking forward to making plum jam in the near future!

It is so lovely to see the results of our efforts in the garden throughout the year now come in the form of harvestable produce. I am really looking forward to doing some preserving, plus freezing, in order to stock up for the year ahead.

According to the current Moon Calendar from Saturday 28 December - Sunday 29 December is a good time to plant root crops. From Monday 30 December - Friday 3 January it is time to cultivate only. From Saturday 4 January - Monday 13 January it is a good time to sow and plant above ground producing crops.

All the best with your gardening endeavours over this time and as you look forward to the new year ahead. Enjoy.

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